Flask: After 3 projects

I started my journey with flask a couple of days ago and learned how to create basic web apps, REST compliant obviosly. It was fun. I learned quite a lot how a web framework works with the dynamic abilities of python and persistent storage using SQL databases(Sqlite3 in this case).

It was daunting in the beginning, but eventually became fun. I had a lot stupid mistakes in the process, but debugging them made me enjoy. And honestly, it felt grreat to code after such a long time.

I ended up making a simple login/registration form, used public APIs to JSONify data and Sqlite3 to store them. Obviosly, they are pretty basic, but it’s a start nonetheless.

Although, I need to speed up the process, and add CI/CD pipelines to make it more intersting, but yes, that will be the next part. For now, my main motto will be to learn REST APIs in a much better way.


Why is it so hard to come up with cool ideas. Ideation is the hardest process honestly. Let’s see if I can make better webapps by the end of this week. I am learning for sure but I need to :

  1. speed up the process
  2. add security
  3. make the apps much more scalable and mobile responsive

I might learn Bulma CSS.
Also, try out HTTPie. I liked it better compared to Postman. The website is so freaking intuitive, and I fell in love with it.

Well, that’s it for now. I won’t link any projects here because you can find them on my github. and also because they are really basic. I will try to come up with a crazy idea by the end of this week.


  1. Create a beautiful UI
  2. Add Google OAuth2
  3. Store user data in Mongo
  4. Generate new data
  5. Use FASTAPI and Stisla for admin panels
  6. Deliver user centric results
  7. And make it reach a good amount of user base.